Error message 731 or "Something went wrong" during the keychain upload into Dropbox

This message usually occurs, if you´re using a keychain, which has its password stored on a key device (e.g. usb stick). Due to technical reason, it´s not possible to use such a keychain with the Mobile Privacy App and Dropbox. You´ll need to create a new keychain without a stored password.

Please close the currently opened keychain. Create a new keychain file through "File" -> "New" in the menu. You can transfer your old password data with the "Merge"-function, which you can find also under "File". Alternatively you can create a new keychain with a new password. Please make sure to leave the option "Store password on a key device" unticked. 

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    Richard Witcomb

    When closing Password Manager 16, I got an error dialog to the effect it was unable to save the keychain into the Dropbox folder.

    Following the procedure in the answer was the perfect solution to being able to open my keychain on my notepad.

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