Checklist for Connection Issues

Please follow this checklist. Please try to establish an anonymized conenction after each step

-Have you opened any browsers? Please close them

-Do you use security software like Kaspersky, Norton or McAfee? Please deactivate them for this test. If it works after having decativated them, please check if you can set Steganos products to "trustworthy" in the program controls.

-Have you installed a firewall? Please deactivate it for the test. If it works now, please allow the firewall to execute the processes "vpnclient.exe", "openvpn.exe" and "Steganosupdater.exe".

-Is the service OkayFreedom Starter set to"automatically" AND "active"? It must run for OkayFreedom to work. You can reach the service window by typing "services.msc" at the command line (Windows Start button)

-Open the Task Manager: Is there a process (not an application) which is called "openvpn.exe"? Please quit OkayFreedom and terminate this process. Then restart OkayFreedom.

-Have you installed other VPN software like cyberghost or similar? Usually, those programs interfere with each other. Please try to uninstall all VPN software from your computer and rebeoot. Afterwards, please install the latest version of OkayFreedom:

Please execute the install process as Administrator if possible (reight click on the file and select "Run as Administrator")

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