No Free Traffic in Free Version - "The serial number you entered is invalid. The certificate is unknown."

Please close OkayFreedom and then open the folder C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Steganos VPN\ (Please replace "%USERNAME%" with your Windows account name. If you are having trouble finding the folder, your Windows operating system is probably hiding important folders and files. To change that, follow these instructions: When you have found the folder, please delete all of its contents. Afterwards restart OkayFreedom and it should work as desired.

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    Ian Finnesey

    I tried this. When I restarted, I got a message saying it was downloading certificates, and no progress was indicated for a while, then the same error message came up again.

    I'm in China. I am guessing that the certificate download itself is being blocked. It would be helpful if the software were able to be set up without an unfiltered connection to the internet.

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    Close VPN and then C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Steganos VPN and install Certificate file and then uninstall steganos online shield & delete both folder "Steganos VPN" and "Steganos" from here C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming & reinstall steganos online shield.Your problem Now solve.

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