Importing Safes Version 16 / 17

To import safes created with older versions (older than 12) without complications, please follow these instructions:


1) Open the version of the Safe or Privacy Suite program you used to create the old safes. If necessary, install it again. You can find the installation file by going to and selecting your old version. Then choose "I want to download the latest version".

If your safes are very old (version 10/2008 and older), it is possible that you will only be able to open them by using Windows XP.

2) Open your safe in the old program version, copy its contents onto your hard drive or another storage medium and then delete the old safe.

3) Uninstall the old program version.

4) Install the new program version.

5) Create new safes in the current version and then copy your data into that new safe. Afterwards, you can delete the unencrypted data on your storage medium with the shredder so that it cannot be restored later.

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    That only works if you don't have to go back to an old version of Windows, reinstall 2008, and download a new certificate to open 2008.

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