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Windows 10 compatibility



  • Steven Price

    This was helpful info.
    Unfortunately I had to fire up another browser, reload Password Manager & drag across from the widget, then when I'm done here go back to MS Edge. yuk
    Will we get an email when PM becomes usable on Edge?

  • Michael Friedli

    Christmas on the horizon and still no sign of drag & drop with MS Edge?

  • R Colson630

    Its now time this issue was sorted

  • Mr Pedro D Rodriguez Sr

    We need COMPLETE compatibility with Windows 10 EDGE NOW !!!

  • Martyn Chillmaid

    Although the date on Windows 10 Compatibility is May 17 it appears that this problem has been going on since at least 2015. I keep being pestered to upgrade my v17 Steganos Password Manager but it would make no difference if I did. This really should be a priority as Windows Edge is an excellent explorer.  


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