Password Manager 20: Import of an .esf keychain from a previous version results in an empty keychain

In some cases, the conversion of an .esf keychain to the new version 20 file format does not finish successfully. This happens especially if you renamed the .esf keychain before importing it or are using a backup copy with a different file name.

You can try to fix this with the following approach:

1) First, please shut down Password Manager 20 and open Windows Explorer.

2) Then open the folder where the new version 20 keychain files were created. If you imported from a default location, you can find those at the path %appdata%\steganos\keychains (just enter this path into the address bar and press Enter).

If you imported from a custom path, you will find the files at the location of the imported .esf keychain.

Version 20 keychains consist of a single .spm file and several .spe files, one for each entry in your keychain.

3) In your case, it is highly likely that the file names of the .spe and .spm files are inconsistent. For example:



You can fix the issue by renaming the .spm file so it has the same keychain name as the .spe entries. In this example:



4) After importing the renamed .spm file and opening it with your password, all entries should be accessible again.

This issue does not occur with version 20.0.2 and newer. You can also just delete all generated .spm and .spe files, install the new version and import your .esf keychain again to fix this issue.

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