Online Shield VPN Features Explained

Protect connection

This function will replace your IP address with an anonymous Steganos IP address, which will anonymize your internet identity while browsing the web. Additionally your connection will be encrypted so nobody can intercept and snoop into your data. This is especially important when using public hotspots.

You can also unlock geo restricted content (e.g. YouTube videos) by selecting a country where the content is not restricted.


Block ads

This feature allows you to block any advertisement efficiently - no matter which browser you use.


Prevent tracking

This feature prevents tracking your browsing habits by social media (like Facebook or Twitter), known trackers and analytics tools.


Automatically erase cookies

This feature will delete all of your cookies whenever you close your browser(s). This helps to prevent tracking your browsing history/habits. Currently supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge.


Anonymize browser type

While browsing, browsers can transfer certain information about your configuration to the used website through the so-called user agent. This includes information about your browser version and operating system and can be used to track your browsing behaviour.

When this option is activated, Online Shield uses a local proxy server to replace your actual user agent with the most popular one in order to make it harder to track your browsing habits.

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